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January 7, 2012

Mixed Media Cards

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Using scraps of wrapping paper and ribbon, stickers and cards you create yourself or blank cards you already have, you can create unique handmade gift cards.

In this example I already had the commercially produced card with pansies.  I glued decorative paper to the front of a blank card, added a piece of orange ribbon horizontally, then glued the pansies card over the top.

To customize the card below, I used a commercially produced patterned note card, added the pale blue ribbon, and then the butterfly sticker.

Making the card with the a wire hearts wreath was fun!  This material is available from the 99 Cents Only store.  I covered the FRONT of a blank card with silver wrapping paper.  After twisting the wire hearts into two concentric heart shapes I secured the shape with picture wire at the bottom point of the heart and the center.  I punctured the front of the card, inserted the picture wire and splayed open the ends of the picture wire on the BACK of the front of the card.  Then I covered the surface with paper to hide the wire ends.


For the card with the butterfly I used a blank card as the foundation.  I glued a scrap of black and silver polka dotted wrapping paper to the surface of the card.  Then I glued a scrap of yellow and cream translucent ribbon diagonally across the card.  On top of the ribbon I applied a piece of green card I salvaged from another card.  The butterfly was cut from yet another card.  I used shiny gel pen to colour parts of the butterfly’s wings to make them shimmer and equal in beauty to other elements of the card.


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