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January 4, 2012

Layering Paper Cards

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Construction paper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper…whatever you have is ideal for making a card.  Here are some examples when I cut shapes of different papers and layered them to create a design.

On the occasion of a dear friend’s 99th birthday that falls on Halloween I handcrafted the following card.  You’ll recognize some of the scrapbook papers used in other cards.  The front of the card is a pumpkin.  This shape lends itself to a cupcake, revealed when the card is opened.  The candle is a piece of ribbon.  The candle’s flame is a combination of shiny golden papers cut from old Christmas cards.


Inspiration for a card design can come from anywhere!  I designed and installed a stone patio in our front yard.  When we received a gift towards this project I made a thank you card in an abstract likeness of the patio.  Here are a couple photos of the patio during installation:


In the card I created below it clearly is not the stone patio.  The image artistically represents it enough so that the recipient of the card knew exactly what the image was and our gratitude for her thoughtful and generous gift.  For this card I used a layered combination of scrapbook papers.  Miraculously I had this paper on hand!  The central paper of pink circles on brown evokes the rose coloured patio stone.  The green paper is like groundcover and the flowered paper represents the garden that will be installed.




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  1. I do love the cards. I keep them and enjoy rediscovering them in my desk or other hidee holes.
    Thank you for sharing the way you make them. You have a gift for colors and design. Each unique one is a treasure.

    Comment by Jody — March 23, 2012 @ 5:39 pm

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