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January 8, 2012

Making Cards

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I enjoy creating with paper.

I like the tactile sensation of working with different types of paper.  Each paper has a special characteristic that is interesting and fun to work with.

Some papers are shiny and transmit light.  Heavy coarse papers receive ink in a way that almost makes it appear as if the paper itself is oozing ink.  Thick papers help create depth and dimension.  Tissue paper is delicate and lends a see-through quality to a piece.

I mix materials on the cards I create…scraps of ribbon, fabric and old wrapping papers, paint, markers, glitter, or cut outs from cards received.  The more materials I think of, the more materials I have with which to create!

A handmade card is a gift in and of itself.  It’s a gift from me to the recipient, a card made especially for them.  It’s also a gift to myself.  Creating a handmade card takes time, so this is the gift of time I give myself and the opportunity to be creative and think about the person for whom I am making the card.

When I decide to make a card I don’t always have a complete design in mind.  I’m thinking more about the person or the occasion.  Depending on the materials I have on hand helps to inform the creative direction I take.



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